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Welcome to CUSU

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CUSU is the voice of Cambridge students in the central university and beyond!

Worried that CUSU doesn't represent you? Here's what to do!

CUSU Women's Officer Lauren elected to NUS Women's Committee


NUS Women's Committee coordinates natioanl women's campaigns and makes decisions on NUS policy. Congratulations Lauren!

University Response to CUSU marking boycott queries:

We sent a letter to the University asking them to support negotiations to give staff fair pay and avoid a marking boycott. Here's the letter and response!

pvc marking boycott letter

Cambridgeshire county council wants to know your thoughts on cycle safety!


Cambridgeshire county council are consulting on making one-way streets two-way for cyclists. If you want to contribute to this discussion see here for details.

CUSU Ethical Affairs and Energise Cambridge campaign for better environmental policies in the University.

energise cambridge

Congratulations to CUSU Ethical Affairs team, Energise Cambridge and all the students who put together this submission to the University's Environmental Review Committee on making Cambridge a greener place to live and work! Read the full report here!

We Too Are Cambridge!


The CUSU BME (Black and Ethnic Minority) Campaign launched the We Too Are Cambridge photo campaign in order to 'highlight incidences of discrimination and stereotyping that occur within Cambridge University. We hope that this will provoke wider discussion and necessary change.' Check out the full campaign here!

FOr more information about the BME Campaign or to run in their upcoming elections visit the CUSU BME Facebook page of website.

Press Release on the arrest of Dmitry Firtash, Cambridge University Donor

For press enquiries on this issue please contact Or email

Visit to read the statement on the positive investment campaign's website.

Elections 2014


We are happy to announce the results for the CUSU 2014 cross-campus elections. Congratulations to all of the successful candidates!

Successful candidates elected were:

Helen Hoogewerf-McComb: CUSU President

Helena Blair: CUSU Access and Funding Officer

Rob Richardson: CUSU Education Officer + General Board member

Amelia Horgan: CUSU Women's Officer

Richard Jones: University Council Representative

Rosalyn Old: NUS Delegate

Mark Chonofsky: NUS Delegate

Kevin Chang: NUS Delegate

Full voting breakdown

Raising Fees Alone will not Guarantee the Best Cambridge Graduate Experience

A CUSU Briefing on Likely Fee Increase for Graduate Students and

What Graduates Can Do to Secure the Best OutcomesCollege Fees

Discussions are underway on a plan to increase the total fees that graduates at the University of Cambridge pay.

CUSU is working to ensure that any increase to the fees that graduates pay are accompanied by :

1) improvements to the quality of your College and University experience

2) consultation with graduate students on their education experience.

Please check out our briefing 'Raising Fees Alone will not Guarantee the Best Cambridge Graduate Experience' for more information.

Read the briefing HERE.


Full Michaelmas Term Impact Report 2013

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