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Former CUSU Sabbatical Officers

Please contact the webmaster if you have any corrections.

Year Title Name College
1970-71 President John Newbigin
1971-72 President Charles Clarke King's
1972-73 President Mike Grabiner King's
1973-74 President Neville Walton St. John's
Jill Lewis Newnham
1974-75 President Tony Allen Mills Jesus
Deputy President Robert Breare Pembroke
1975-76 President Alastair Begg Sidney Sussex
Deputy President Pippa Berry King's
1976-77 President John Stewart Downing
Deputy President Simon Turner Sidney Sussex
1977-78 President Tom Hayhoe Corpus Christi
Deputy President David Lidington Sidney Sussex
1978-79 President Charles Birch Trinity
Deputy President Alan Newman Emmanuel
1979-80 President Jon Hunt St John's
Deputy President Tom Fish Churchill
1980-81 President Iain Wright St Catharine's
Deputy President Sarah Rowland Jones Newnham
1981-82 President Nick Alexander Downing
Deputy President Anne Clift-Hill Newnham
1982-83 President Ann Robinson Newnham
Deputy President Nick Holgate Trinity
1983-84 President Martin Markus Trinity Hall
Deputy President Mike Thursfield Emmanuel
1984-85 President Chris Thornton Clare
Deputy President Martin Tod St. John's
1985-86 President Mary Browning King's
Deputy President (Services) Andy Loader Christ's
Deputy President (Welfare) Tanya Pein Churchill
1986-87 President Michael Black Selwyn
Deputy President (Services) Louis Bezodis St. Catharine's
Deputy President (Welfare) Satnam Virdi King's
1987-88 President Sian Griffiths New Hall
Deputy President (Services) Chris Lowe St. Catharine's
Deputy President (Welfare) Dave Lees Girton
1988-89 President Gillian Wilson St John's
Deputy President (Services) Lee Berridge Clare
Deputy President (Welfare) Fiona Caldwell Emmanuel
1989-90 President Kathryn Robinson New Hall
Deputy President (Services) Nick Whyte Clare
Deputy President (Welfare) David Derbyshire Clare
Deputy President (Communications) Suzanne Gill New Hall
1990-91 President Natalie Ceeney Newnham
Deputy President (Services) Kathryn Packer Emmanuel
Deputy President (Welfare) Bill Hayton Downing
Deputy President (Communications) Duncan Ross Queens'
1991-92 President Bridget Martindale Selwyn
Deputy President (Services) Matt Young Clare
Deputy President (Welfare) Simon Chaplin Fitzwilliam
Deputy President (Communications) Siwan Hayward Girton
1992-93 President Mark Watson St. Catharine's
Deputy President (Services) Caterina Tzortzi Robinson
Deputy President (Welfare) Mel Wood Queens'
Deputy President (Communications) Matthew White Clare
1993-94 President Barney Hamilton St. John's
Deputy President (Services) David Blunt Emmanuel
Deputy President (Welfare) Mark Goodrich Trinity Hall
Deputy President (Communications) Chris Measures Fitzwilliam
Women's Officer Mel Barlow New Hall
1994-95 President Anna Dixon Trinity Hall
Deputy President (Services) Russell Smith St. Catharine's
Deputy President (Welfare) Doug Lynch Gonville & Caius
Deputy President (Communications) Eduardo Reyes Clare
Women's Officer Lucy Cartwright Trinity Hall
1995-96 President Nick Forbes Selwyn
Services Officer Neil Bentley Gonville & Caius
Welfare Officer Francesca Holland Jesus
Academic Affairs Officer Ceri Smith Emmanuel
Women's Officer Jenny Reindorp Clare
1996-97 President Ben Jackson Emmanuel
Services Officer James Vaccaro King's
Welfare Officer Ben Griffiths Clare
Academic Affairs Officer Neil McInnes Jesus
Women's Officer Denise Burford Emmanuel
1997-98 President Sarah Bonnett Sidney Sussex
Services Officer Dave Strachan Emmanuel
Welfare Officer Elliot Vaughn Clare
Academic Affairs Officer Colin Horswell Clare
Women's Officer Penny Pereira King's
1998-99 President Holly Linklater Jesus
Services Officer Chris Timms Pembroke
Welfare Officer Mark Jones-Parry Churchill
Academic Affairs Officer Alix Langley/Pedro Ramos Pinto Churchill
Women's Officer Ruth Scott King's
1999-00 President Tristan Jones Emmanuel
Services Officer Alan Bird Trinity Hall
Welfare Officer Mary Webber Jesus
Academic Affairs Officer Daniel Blaney King's
Women's Officer Katie McClymont King's
2000-01 President Mat Coakley King's
Services Officer Martin Lucas-Smith King's
Welfare Officer Isabel Hudson King's
Academic Affairs Officer Louise Capel-Cure Newnham
Women's Officer Laura Timms King's
2001-02 President Pav Akhtar Homerton
Services Officer Stewart Morris Christ's
Welfare Officer Helen Evans St John's
Academic Affairs Officer Mike Bourke Christ's
Women's Officer Alison Ismail Emmanuel
Access Officer Rachel Tripp Girton
2002-03 President Paul Lewis King's
Services Officer Craig Wilkie Christ's
Welfare Officer Alice Pennington Christ's
Academic Affairs Officer Katie Childs Girton
Women's Officer Chris Holly Trinity
Access Officer Steph Hawryla Newnham
2003-04 President Ben Brinded Gonville & Caius
Services Officer Keith Collantine Selwyn
Welfare Officer Lizz Waller Girton
Academic Affairs Officer Jessica Childs King's
Women's Officer Jo Read Newnham
Access Officer Suzy Butler Pembroke
2004-05 President Wes Streeting Selwyn
Services Officer Edward Shattock Fitzwilliam
Welfare Officer Richard Reid Pembroke
Academic Affairs Officer Drew Livingston Peterhouse
Women's Officer Jo Read Newnham
Access Officer Naveed Anwar Selwyn
2005-06 President Laura Walsh Fitzwilliam
Services Officer Jennifer Cooper Newnham
Welfare Officer Vicki Mann Sidney Sussex
Academic Affairs Officer Drew Livingston Peterhouse
Women's Officer Michelle Nuttall King's
Access Officer Zen Jelenje Clare
2006-07 President Mark Ferguson Robinson
Services Officer Ashley Aarons Girton
Welfare & Graduates Officer Samuel Rose St John's
Academic Affairs Officer David Ewings, then
Patrick Leonard
Women's Officer Harriet Boulding Newnham
Access Officer Luke Pickering Girton
2007-08 President Mark Fletcher Jesus
Services Officer Adam Colligan Selwyn
Welfare & Graduates Officer Andrea Walko King's
Academic Affairs Officer Peter Coulthard St John's
Women's Officer Elly Shepherd Fitzwilliam
Access Officer Charlotte Richer Jesus
2008-09 President Mark Fletcher Jesus
Welfare Officer Andrea Walko King's
Education Officer Ant Bagshaw Jesus
Access Officer Charlotte Richer Jesus
Coordinator Adam Colligan Selwyn
Women's Officer Natalie Szarek Newnham
2009-10 President Tom Chigbo St. John's
Welfare Officer Amiya Bahtia St. John's
Education Officer Sam Wakeford Trinity Hall
Access Officer Joe Farish Trinity
Coordinator Clare Tyson Murray Edwards
Women's Officer Natalie Szarek Newnham
2010-11 President Rahul Mansigani Robinson
Education Officer Maria Helmling Corpus Christi
Student Support Officer Morgan Wild Sidney Sussex
Access Officer Andy McGowan Trinity Hall
Coordinator Chris Lillycrop (July 2010)
Alex Wood (October onwards)
St. Catharine's
Women's Officer Sarah Peters-Harrison Murray Edwards
2011-12 President Gerard Tully Trinity Hall
Education Officer Morgan Wild Sidney Sussex
Welfare & Rights Officer Rosie O'Neill Robinson
Access Officer Taz Rasul Selwyn
Coordinator Harriet Flower Homerton
Women's Officer Ruth Graham Christ's
2012-13 President Rosalyn Old Robinson
Education Officer Sam Wakeford Trinity Hall
Welfare & Rights Officer Chris Page Sidney Sussex
Access Officer Vicky Hudson Selwyn
Coordinator Dom Weldon Sidney Sussex
Women's Officer Susy Langsdale King's