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CUSU Freshers' Festival 2014

Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th October

The CUSU Freshers' Festival 2014 will be held over two days on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th October, on Parker's Piece and in Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre which is adjacent.

Further details about the Festival will follow, including exciting updates on new services for students at the fair, live music and an additional evening event currently planned for the same week.

Before attending the event, please make sure you acquaint yourselves with the rules and regulations, found in the Societies' Pack below!

CUSU Freshers' Festival 2014 Societies' Pack

Applying for a stall at the Fair

In the meantime, student societies wishing to apply for a stall at the Fair may now do so now and pay online, below.

Over 400 societies apply to join the fair every year, and space is always limited, so you are advised to book and pay as soon as possible so as to avoid disappointment!

The basic fee for a student society stall at the fair this year remains £30. You may additionally apply for a size upgrade to receive a large stall at a cost of £40 (so £70 in total), and an electrical connection for your stall at a cost of £28. Please note however that space at the fair is always limited, and applying for a stall or an upgrade does not guarantee a space at the fair, or that you will receive the upgrade, you will however be refunded for any services you do not receive.

Your society must be registered on the CUSU Societies' Directory to be eligible to book.

*Book a stall for my society/ies

If you cannot see your society in the list of your societies:

You are very strongly encouraged to pay online rather than by cheque!

Stalls booked through our online system will almost invariably be placed in Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre, or in an Outdoor Marquee, and given a table and between one and two chairs. However, if your society would like to register for a plot on Parker's Piece (open to the air and not in a Marquee), a limited number of such plots will be available throughout the event. The placement of these stalls is still to be decided, and societies wishing to register for such a stall are asked to email to explain their requirements.

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions regarding the Societies Fair, please email