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Information for JCRs, MCRs and other Student Associations

As CUSU is funded by JCRs, MCRs and other college-based student unions, one of its priorities is to resource their officers in terms of training, information and general support.

This section will shortly be expanded to be a gateway for resources and support for JCR and MCR officers across the University.

Guide to CUSU

The Guide to CUSU gives a full summary of CUSU's work and structures.

JCR & MCR networks

Most of the networks are run by one of the six CUSU sabbaticals.

( Presidents and externals | Welfare Officers | Womens Officers | Treasurers )
( Ents Officers | Access Officers | Academic Affairs Officers | Faculty Reps )

College Presidents

Contact CUSU President
Folders CUSU has produced folders for all JCR and MCR Presidents and External Officers containing information on Rents, what CUSU does and is doing, a guide to CUSU and an explanation of CUSU council.
Mailing Lists As a college president you are automatically put on the presidents mailing list and the same goes for External Officers, as well as Council mailing list to ensure communication between colleges.
Meetings Presidents and Externals meetings are held every fortnight - Wednesdays, weeks 1,3,5 and 7 at 5pm in the CUSU Conference Room to discuss current university issues and keep you one step ahead of the college council. CUSU Council occurs at least three times a term.
Training Training for JCR and MCR Presidents usually covers elections, rent negotiations, Freshers' Week and working within your student association.

Welfare Officers' Network

Contact Welfare Sabbatical
Minutes of meetings Minutes of meetings are available online.
Folders CUSU has produced folders for all Welfare Officers containing information on casework guidelines, contact directory, mental health issues, drugs, sexual health issues, acommodation problems and organisation. They are all available electronically on the Welfare Officers' Resource Pages.
Mailing Lists As a welfare officer you are automatically put on the welfare officers mailing list to ensure you get regular briefings.
Meetings Every Tuesday at 5:30, in the CUSU Conference Room, the CUSU Welfare netwrok meets, where Welfare Officers can come and talk about specific issues going on in colleges, the CUSU Campaigns or events that are going on and discuss ideas for the future. It is also the forum at which you can hold the Welfare Officer to account (or congratulate him/her on their work!!) and where you can represent students' needs from your college. In Exam Term, this is on Mondays at 6:30 in the Cafe Project on Jesus Lane, and is more of a drop-in for people.
Training CUSU tries to train every welfare officer with basic casework skills and information concerning the support networks available within Cambridge University.

Womens Officers' Network

Contact Women's Officer
Gender Agenda Gender Agenda is the official magazine of the women's campaign, produced tri-termly and sent to all interested parties.
Folders CUSU has produced folders for all Women's Officers containing information on being a women's officer, running events, working with college, the welfare directory and various campaign briefings.
Mailing Lists The women's campaign is divided into geographical regions which work together to support and share information, these mailing lists are maintained by the CUSU Women's Officer.
Meetings Women's Officer exec meetings are held once a week and women's forum (the decision making body of the campaign) meets three times a term.
Training Women's Officer training is held twice termly and covers all aspects of the women's campaigns.

Access Officers' Network

Contact The CUSU Access Officer

Access Officer resource folders are available on request from the CUSU Access Officer and will be issued to Access Officers during their term.

Mailing Lists

All Access and Target Officers will be added to and be able to post to an Access list, which will keep officers up to date with arrangements and facilitate cross-college communication.


Access Officer network meetings will be held on alternate Mondays at 5.15pm in the CUSU office. Meetings usually last 45 minutes, and officers will be informed of the dates at the start of each term.

Training Access training will take place at least once a term. New officers will be invited to a briefing session and training on specific aspects of the role will be arranged on an ad hoc basis.

Access and Target Officers will be expected to participate in the Shadowing Scheme, a joint venture of the colleges. This takes place in February and involves several year 12 students staying in your college and shadowing current undergraduates.

Treasurers' Network

Contact Services Officer.
General info Interest among college treasurers for a central meeting has varied in recent years. The Services Officer will put out feelers at least once or twice a year to see if there is widespread support for a treasurers' forum. Items for discussion may include: rent negotiations, managing a small budget, good accountancy practice, information on charities law, restraints on Student Union expenditure, the structure of the university income trail, and bulk-buying.

Ents Network

Contact Entertainments Manager
CUSUents Website The new CUSUents website features a wide range of events taking place across Cambridge and the University.
Database CUSU is in the process of constructing a central database of Cambridge based acts and equipment which can be hired. This should go on line early next year. The launch will be supported by the creation of resource folders.
Mailing Lists All ents officers should be on the CUSU mailing list to be kept up to date on current happenings and get free tickets to other college events.
Meetings Ents meetings are held twice termly, to discuss when and what events to run.

Academic Affairs Officers' Network

Contact CUSU Academic Affairs Officer
Folders The new Academic Affairs officers resource folders have just been produced and contain information on appeals, university support structures and the relationship between university, colleges and faculties.
Mailing Lists All Academic Affairs officers are on the CUSU run academic affairs mailing list.
Meetings Academic Affairs meetings are held twice termly and co-ordinated by the Academic Affairs officer.

Faculty Representatives Network

Contact CUSU Academic Affairs Officer
Briefings There are a number of briefing available from the CUSU Academic Affairs Officer for those interested in finding out more about how the university faculties operate.
Mailing Lists All Faculty Reps are on the CUSU run academic affairs mailing list.
Meetings Faculty Rep meetings are held twice termly and co-ordinated by the Academic Affairs officer.