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Printing and Photocopying

CUSU offers you the most professional and automated self-service photocopying facility at the cheapest price in Cambridge.

The photocopying room is at the CUSU Offices.

PLEASE NOTE : Printing from a PC is not available on TCS publishing days, which are Tuesdays and Wednesdays during term time. Photocopying, laminating and binding services are unaffected.


We have two photocopiers, offering high-speed, automated copying or printing.


Features include:

  • Up to 90 pages a minute
  • Automatic double-siding
  • Automatic stapling of sets
  • Automatic booklet making: ideal for newsletters, concert programmes, etc.
  • Good quality
  • You name it - it almost certainly will do it
  • Cheapest price: see below for details

The machines are very easy to use and reception staff are on hand to offer any assistance you need.

Our prices

Quality black & white printing and photocopying (per side)

A4 5p
A3 8p

Stapling, folding, sorting and booklet-making free.

Quality colour printing and photocopying (per side)

A4 11p
A3 20p

Other requirements or special requests

If you have specific requirements we can normally accommodate them. In all cases coloured paper is available, but may need to be pre-ordered. There may be a small surcharge per sheet for coloured paper. Please email reception@cusu if you any requirements or special requests.